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Direct to Employee Engagement Program

The holidays are here! Give your employees a tool to celebrate diversity through their holiday shopping and their personal spending all year round.

What Is The DEEP Program?

Conscious Customers helps you give your employees an exciting opportunity to find gifts and other personal and household products and services from Black and Latinx owned businesses. While you focus on DEI at work, our program gets everyone involved. Your employees get great shopping opportunities and new insights while adding something meaningful toward your company’s DEI goals. It’s fun, useful and high impact at the same time!

How Does It Work?

Your employees get a private, secure link to our DEEP platform where they are invited to tell us just a few things about their upcoming personal shopping and spending plans. Conscious Customers then curates a custom catalog for for each person, leading them to relevant products, services and gift ideas. We provide you with ideas to make it fun for everyone and celebrate your impact together. It’s that simple and totally private.

What Is The Impact?

  • Delivers value and fun to employees and their families
  • Boosts employee engagement that supports your DEI goals
  • Drives interest in your company’s supplier & vendor diversity effort
  • Creates an opportunity for employees to make impact outside of work
  • Results in real dollars reaching great underrepresented businesses
  • DEEP helps tell the story of your company and culture

What are clients saying about our
Direct to Employee Engagement Program?

"When our company made the Conscious Customers tool available to us, I did tons of my holiday shopping on it. Found a local artist doing paint parties and arranged one for my daughter. Great experience."
Charlie Lord
Renew Energy Partners

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