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Meet Buyer Expectations
99% of diverse suppliers meet buyer expectations and about a quarter exceed expectations*
Increase in the Bottom line
For every $1M you spend enhancing procurement operations, an additional $3.6M is added to your bottom line*
Sales Gap in the US Economy
Only 5.3 % of US Sales go to Black and Latin-owned businesses. 88% go to white-owned companies.*
A Giant Wealth Gap
The Median Black family owns 2% of the wealth of a white family. For Latin families - 4%*

What We Do

Conscious Customers™ helps any size business align spending and values. We provide the strategy and the connections you need to put Black and Latin-owned businesses at the center of your purchasing and procurement. First we get an understanding of your goals as an organization and your needs as discerning purchasers of goods and services. Then we make a plan around skilled professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to deliver. At the same time, we help engage your employees and authentically communicate your commitment to your stakeholders and the market. Together, we produce measurable impact, elevate your entire culture and set you apart.

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Companies that focus on supplier diversity generate a 133% greater return on procurement investments than their counterparts that do not.

Strategy & Connections

Our work starts with understanding your goals as a company and your needs as discerning purchasers of goods and services. We help you prepare the ground for building new relationships, making meaning within your culture, and communicating and celebrating your commitment.

Clients Who Trust Us

Our team has been working with these great clients and many more!

Get Active. Get Conscious.

Double down on your commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by spending with intention. Transform your organizational culture, increase your reach and help to drive impact on the Black and Latin community. Let your spending be a force for economic justice. 

Blog & News

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Congrats to Andy Tarsy, Izzy Jacques and Gloria and Art Velasquez from Imagix Studio for launching Conscious Customers. Their organization is paving new pathways for corporations and Black and Latinx owned businesses to partner together and make meaningful change in the workspace.

Deval Patrick​
Former Mass Governor