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Homerun for the Holidays:

Making Meaning with Money

Thanksgiving is here. And Chanukah too. Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Day, Three Kings Day, Chinese New Year and so many other holidays will be celebrated in homes across the USA. Some are tied to faith, some to custom and others to deeply held beliefs. In a world where so much is hard to understand, we think of this celebration as making meaning. Happy holidays to all of our friends and colleagues, the clients we serve and the people who step up to lead. And happy holidays to the businesses we celebrate and the entrepreneurs and workforce that bring their products and services to market every day.

And let’s face it: we also know that it costs money to celebrate most kinds of holidays. In fact, Americans are expected to spend more than a billion dollars in the next month and a half just to be part of the cheer. Whether we are deeply grounded in sincere and humble gestures or picking out a high ticket or lifetime item for someone we love, it is a time of year where we tend to reach for our wallet more than just a little bit. 

We are here to urge that in this holiday season, when we spend to celebrate, let’s make meaning with money. Let’s make intentional choices about where we spend our hard-earned cash. Let’s be….you guessed it: conscious customers. 

When we deliberately, intentionally, consciously include Black and Latin-owned businesses – and businesses owned by members of other historically and continually marginalized groups in our holiday spending, we make meaning with our money. For gifts, dressing up, decorations, ritual items, food and drink or anything else,

Here are some ideas that can help you hit a homerun for the holidays.

Greeting cards & gift wrapping paper
Hot Sauce Variety
Year Of Flavor
  1. Candles | Harlem Candle Company – Black-Owned.
  2. Books | The Lit Bar Latin-Owned.
  3. Greeting cards & gift wrapping paper | Kitsch Noir Black-Owned.
  4. Hot Sauce Variety Pack – Hillside Harvest | Black Owned.
  5. Most Awarded American Whiskey 2020 – Uncle Nearest   Black-Owned.
  6. Year Of Flavor – Spice Subscription | Loisa Comida Real Latin-owned.
Conscious Customers™ helps companies and organizations be more inclusive by putting Black and Latin-owned businesses at the center of their spending and engaging their employees in doing the same at home. Reach out for more information at [email protected].