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National Hispanic

Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the US “to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American champions who have inspired others to achieve success.”

What better time to reflect in awe at the remarkable brilliance of the diverse people in all walks of life who are part of the Latinx and Hispanic communities of the United States.

Does your company have plans to honor this occasion? It falls in a time of year that might feel tricky given the end of summer in the US and the start of so much with Labor Day and back to school on the horizon. But that does not have to stop you if you are inspired to take action now — especially and importantly if you are creating awareness that can support higher level engagement year-round with the diversity of your colleagues and partners.

Do something tangible, specific and fun – and then build on it. Here are a couple of examples.

A bank we work with celebrated last year with some educational programming and buying lunch for hundreds of employees from a local Puerto Rican restaurant. The food got rave reviews. The bank followed up three months later when the CEO hosted a roundtable with a group of bankers to have a business dialogue with the owners and co-presidents of the restaurant and catering company everyone had enjoyed so much.

One real estate development firm we work with started asking more questions during Hispanic Heritage month about why they were not using more Latin owned businesses in their considerable portfolio of construction and remodeling projects. A good conversation turned into a face to face meeting with a local contractor who happens to be a US Air Force veteran and owns her own construction company now. Within six months she was doing major projects for our client.

Here are some great links you can check out to learn more – and see what might spark action!

Here are some great links you can check out to learn more - and see what might spark action!

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